Panama Papers and Irish Wind Development

#Panamapapers and Irish Wind development.

It is important to state at the outset that there may be a proper and legal reason why Irish wind development companies are connected to the Irish companies that are listed in the #PanamaPapers. In some cases there may well be no connection at all as the services of company registers is utilised.

The list of Irish Co’s connected to the #PanamaPapers is credited to the twitter a/c.

The Irish #panamapapers Co. list is









Independent Trustees services with an address of Harmony Row, D2 is listed. It is also listed in a 2012 CRO entry for the Wind Development Co. Reforce Energy Ltd Reforce Energy 2012 B5

First Names Trust (previously IFG) with an address of Suite 6, Shannon Free Zone, Co. Clare is listed. It has numerous Wind Development Co.’s entries in the CRO…

Tullynamoyle Wind Farm 2011 B5

Tullyabrack Energy 2014 B5

Moneenatieve Wind Farm 2013 B5

Kilmeedy Windfarm 2013 B5

Derrynadivva Windfarm 2009 B5 Sion Rd

Kilvinane Wind Energy 2011 B5

Templederry Energy Resources 2011 B5

Carrons Windfarm 2014 B5

Edrans Wind 2009 B5

Rathnameneenagh Energy 2011 B5

Capita at 2 Grand Canal Sq, it has numerous Wind Development Co.’s from it’s D7 address listed in the CRO…

Iq Wind 2010 B5

Skehanagh Wind Farm 2007 B5

Moneenatieve Wind Farm 2007 B5

Cogent Fund Nominees with an address of Blackrock, Cork is on the #panamapapers. Cogent is listed on the CRO as well…

European Renewables 2014 B5

European Renewables 2015 C1 (Barclays, Ballybane windfarms)

Cogent fund nominees 2011 B5


Again, it is important to state that there may well be no connection to any of the many listed Irish Wind Co’s and the #panamapapers.

The question is, ” how do we know there isn’t?”

Most of the listed Wind Development Co’s have availed of BES/EIIS schemes in their initial round of funding, funding that covered planning, CER connection fees, Land options, Engineering fees, & legal fees etc. it would not be sufficient to cover the cost of the Turbines themselves. Most of the listed Wind Development Co’s are receiving state subsidies via the Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff (REFiT).

Do we know where the funding to purchase and erect wind turbines has come from and more importantly do we know where the REFiT payments, Irish public state funds, are going?


It is good enough for the recipient identities of CAP Farm subsidies to be published (they are state/public funds), why are the recipients of REFiT state/public funds identities not treated in an equal manner?

It would clear up any confusion with #panamapapers and Irish Wind Development.


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