Right2Water March

paddy pylon

Irish Water march

My early release was on the promise that I stay in Mullingar but there was no way I wez missin the Right2Water march and Peig was also gaggin to go. So we loaded up Saoirse’s wheelchair in the van and all three of us were off to the Big Smoke. I had me knuckleduster in my pocket for the gobshite who tried to start. This was a peaceful protest, and the first Shinner who stepped out of line was going to get it. And to give credit, the crowd was grand, probably cos it was too feckin cold to do anything else. The only misbehaving was by a couple of guards in Merrion Square who was chirping some of the lads. I also saw a plainclothes detective – with “Guard is Good” tattooed on his arm – pushing and shoving some wenches on one of the barriers – feckin eejit.

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